Free 2017 Chevrolet Camaro Is Raffled Off In Cambrian College


Does anyone want a 2017 Chevy Camaro? For some who have $26,000 to spare, they can afford the new model. However, this car is being raffled off for free at Cambrian College. The event is to help raise funds for students who are in need.

Cambrian College is a school in the Greater Sudbury area in Ontario, Canada. Its majors are mostly around applied arts and technology. In an effort to help needy students, a fund raiser was initiated to ease the financial burden being carried by students. The school holds students who come from the economically disadvantaged end.

The high end sports car is not the only prize. The money raised from the event will also create treasuries for Cambrian students who are not able to afford the luxury of school, living in an apartment or dorm, renting a space, paying bills or even meals, as reported by CBC.

According to the co-chair head Kathy Wells-McNeil, the treasuries are a way of helping students by alleviating them from the financial burden that comes with higher education. She explains that some students would often take on part time jobs. Not just one, but sometimes two or three in order to support their studies. And they work until the wee hours and still make it to class.

McNeil herself is a student of Cambrian College. She is a student in the nursing program and recalls how she struggled to stay in school while working two part time jobs. Her difficulties included having her water cut off during Christmas time that she had to go to the fitness center to get a hot shower during winter.

The 2017 Chevy Camaro roars with a V8 engine and a 455 horsepower. It is described to have advanced performance technology, engineering mastery and meticulous design that comes with a Camaro, as reported by Chevrolet. This is considered to be the lightest and meanest Camaro yet.

Anyone who wants the chance to win a 2017 Camaro needs to purchase tickets at $20 or get three for $50 from the Cambrian Foundation office.

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