Surface Phone Not In MWC 2017, Looking Into Its Specs Answer Why [Rumors]; Microsoft’s Entry Is To Support HP [Video]


It is highly unlikely that the Surface Phone will be unveiled by Microsoft during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in February next year, but a sneak peek into its specs and features may be provide an answer to its delay. The real business of Microsoft in MWC 2017 is to lend support to HP, which will be unveiling its latest consumer-focused Windows phone.

Observers say that all evidence support that the Surface Phone will not debut this February, but Microsoft may provide a sneak peek into its specs and features instead. As to why Microsoft seems to be delaying the arrival of its flagship device is elaborated below.

Surface Phone and Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm has set the release of its latest Snapdragon series, following the top-end 820 and 821, on the early months of 2017 and will be featured in high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus3T and Google Pixel. The Surface Phone will also get the Snapdragon 835 since Microsoft and Qualcomm has already tested Windows 10 on ARM emulation, but the process requires more work and testing, Trusted Reviews has learned.

Surface Phone Dual Camera

The Surface Phone may also get the dual lens configuration, which was started by Apple, LG, Huawei and most likely followed by Samsung. The Surface Phone may have 20MP main camera and the 8MP front-facing camera utilizing Carl Zeiss lens.

Surface Phone, Windows 10 and Redstone 3

Since Microsoft will be bringing the full version of Windows 10 on ARM processors, not only will it have to wait for Qualcomm, but also for the release of Redstone 3, which is set to be on August 2017. Microsoft will ensure that the Surface Phone will get the full WIN32 apps support and that its flagship device is fully enabled for the legacy Windows program found in PC according to Softpedia.

Microsoft is ensuring that its re-entry into the smartphone market comes with a bang starting with a Surface Phone that will be a downsized version of the Surface Pro. It is intended for the business market and the average person as well, which could put its price ranging from $600 to $800 dollars, though rumors say that the professional build may fetch more than $1,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will be at the MWC 2017 to support HP in unveiling its consumer-focused Windows phone. Following the success of the HP Elite X3, HP is bringing a mid-ranged Windows phone that have features oriented more to average consumers.

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