Windows 10 Smartphones: Real Desktop Apps Now In Handsets, Boosting Productivity; Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Future Looks Promising? [Video]


Windows 10 smartphones are portable devices capable of running full-fledged Windows 10 as operating system, a feat that has not yet been seen, but is now in development with the Microsoft-Qualcomm collaboration. This may put the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 on top as it will feature Windows 10 with real desktop apps and the complete set of productivity programs.

Windows 10 smartphones may not just be relegated to running touch-friendly apps that are easily scalable, but also real desktop apps commonly found in PC. The portable devices will be powered by ARM processors, which basically powers all smartphones in the market today.

Microsoft in a hardware developer conference in Shenzen, China has revealed its plans of bringing Windows 10 into smartphones through the company's partnership with Qualcomm. In the video below, a demo has revealed that Windows 10 can run smoothly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM, typical mobile phone specs.

Microsoft will naturally launch Universal Windows Platform initially in the Windows 10 smartphones because these UWP apps are touch-friendly, scalable, and power-efficient. However, the software giant also revealed that running Win32/x86 apps is highly doable without taking a toll on battery life or docking the handset, according to TNW.

The Windows 10 smartphones will be able to run the full version of the Microsoft Office, Photoshop CC, and even Window 10 games. Even better, developers will not need to make any modifications to their games with Windows 10 running on ARM processors.

The Windows 10 smartphones is possible because Micorsoft has put in the emulation technology into Windows 10, fossbytes has learned. Qualcomm revealed that it will be unveiling the first device featuring Windows 10 running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor by mid-year 2017.

This latest collaboration may finally put the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 in the lead given the enhanced productivity brought in by Windows 10 apps. Moreover, observers say that it is not farfetched that Windows 10 smartphones will be docked into laptops in performing real work in the near future.

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