Windows 10 Fixes Dec. 9 Update Disrupting Internet Connection; Microsoft’s Update Process Plagued By Several Issues? [Video]


The Windows 10 latest update includes a patch that fixes the Dec. 9 update where users have reported that they lost their internet connection after downloading KB3201845. Many users say that Microsoft's update process for the last 12 months has been plagued with various issues like bricked systems, lost of internet connection and random crashes, particularly when using ordinary USB plug-ins

The Windows 10 KB3201845 was part and parcel of the cumulative KB3201845 update made available by Microsoft last Dec. 9. A good number of European users reported losing internet connection soon after downloading the said update.

Microsoft has provided no information if the problem is only isolated in Europe, but the company has already issued an advisory to all who downloaded the said Windows 10 update to restart, not shut down, their devices when experiencing loss of connectivity. Moreover, the Microsoft released its latest patch, the KB3206632, last Dec. 13 to fix the issue on the Connected Devices Platform Service (CDPSVC) that obstructed the PC from getting an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

The Windows 10 Dec. 9 update broke the OS' ability to set the Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP), which is tasked to distribute the network configurations to all connected devices and automatically assign IP addresses to all devices. However, users do not need to have a DHCP to access the net, but home network are configured to have one so that users need not configure manually every device connected to the network.

The problem may beresolved by a simple command, "ipconfig/release' followed by the "ipconfig/renew." However, this may be inadequate, needing more commands like the "nets hint ip reset" followed by "ipconfig/flushdns." Once complete, the connectivity problem is resolved, connection is re-established and the latest Windows 10 patch can now be downloaded, Extreme Tech reported.

The problem is that many Windows 10 subreddit users have complained that the patch did not resolve the issue and the connectivity problem even pre-dates the Dec. 9 update. In fact, Microsoft has had multiple issues arising from its updates for the last 12 months including bricked systems, loss of internet connection, and random crashes when plugging in ordinary US devices like a Kindle.

Linux and Apple experience glitches too, but not as often as Microsoft's Windows 10 update. This may be because Microsoft is encouraging the testing of the new OS on virtual machines instead of the primary system.

Problems like the USB device verification will not surface with a virtual machine. Nonetheless, the Windows 10 patch has worked with various people and users may still get the latest patch by downloading it using another pc, Android phone or tablet before installing using the USB. PC World reported.

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