'Destiny 2' Updates: Sequel To Feature Steady Stream Of New Experiences [Video]


Activision is set to relight the fire that is "Destiny 2" with Bungie currently working on the awaited sequel.

PC fans will be delighted to know that "Destiny 2" could be launching on PC alongside its console counterpart in PS4 and Xbox One. Although an exact release date for "Destiny 2" is still unknown, it is however guaranteed that a release will happen sometime in 2017.

Following the original Destiny release on the PS4 and the Xbox One, the game is also rumored, though highly unlikely that a Nintendo Switch version of "Destiny 2" would be in the offing for the hybrid console. According to VG 24/7, along with the PC release, the game will undergo major overhauls to the shared-worlds shooter.

Sources say that "Destiny 2's" gameplay will be very different from the original and its set of expansions. Moreover, "Destiny 2" will debut more dynamic and active environments where gamers would also be able to interact with NPC's.

To better help with "Destiny 2's" development, rumors are floating that Activision is bringing in High Moon and Vicarious Visions to assist Bungie. This is highly likely in the event the studio is at work to create a new engine or develop the game's environment. Vicarious Visions is known for their Skylanders series while High Moon Studios is known for their Transformers Cybertron series.

With "Destiny 2" being different from "Destiny," it would be plausible that known current characters may be abandoned for a new set. It is also suggested that it would make sense to introduce new faces to lead players through the new storyline. Also probable is that new races, factions, and enemies might see light in the game.

The setting for "Destiny 2" is rumored to be on Mars. According to The Gamers Drop, Bungie removed a segment of The Taken King DLC that takes place on Mars. Accordingly, The Taken King would be the best way to bridge the two games, the report said.

A subreddit thread claims the game will be called "Destiny 2: Shattered Suns," which coincidentally, comes from The Taken King story arc that delved on a Warlock named Osiris. Will this come into "Destiny 2"? We just have to see for ourselves once the game is finally released.

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