UFO Sighting 2016: Hundred Flying Orbs Witnessed By Tourist; 'Mothership' Caught Hiding In Clouds!

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Fan and conspiracy theorists alike are enthused about the recent UFO sightings that were reported this 2016. As such, details of these sightings were recounted by a tourist who was reported to have seen at least a hundred UFOs. Moreover, reports have also surfaced around regarding the discovery sighting of a mothership hiding in the clouds, according to sources.

It was recently reported that a British tourist, Paul Zinger, and his girlfriend were taking a vacation at the widely-renowned fountains on La Rambla, Barcelona for his 40th birthday when they witnessed white flying orbs hovering over the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) building, UFO World News reported.

It was further stated that Paul Zinger, who is a painter and decorator living in Clitheroe, Lancashire, must have seen around a hundred of these flying orbs moving in various directions, UFO World News learned. These sightings were said to have been recorded using Zinger's smartphone.

In an interview with Zinger, UFO World News recounted his experience by stating that the sight of these objects changed his perspective in the world. He also expressed that these flying orbs could have been used to manipulate the people. As such, Zinger speculated that these objects could be government-owned, military or extra-terrestrial.

In other news, there was another report of a UFO sighting of a larger scale this 2016. Pictures have surfaced online that has gotten the attention of some conspiracy theorists as it supposedly depicts a UFO mothership seamlessly blending within the clouds in Lecco, Italy on Nov. 2, Express UK reported.

The said image was reported to have been documented by a witness, Guiseppe Filipponi, who was able to capture the UFO mothership just before it disappeared, Express UK learned. The source went on the state that the sudden disappearance was likely to be caused by a cloaking device, which UFO hunters would claim it to be.

It was further mentioned by Express UK that some conspiracy theorists tied the UFO sighting to that of the recent 6.4 magnitude earthquake that transpired in Italy. The source suggested that the mothership could have played a role in the major quakes.

Conspiracy theorists are on the prowl as they gather more information regarding the recent UFO sightings this 2016.

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