Jeremy Lin News 2016: Gives Back to Alma Mater; 1 Million US Dollars Donated For Harvard Financial Aid Initiative [VIDEO]


Basketball fans and sports critics are well aware of Jeremy Lin's educational background, as being a graduate of one of the most well-known Ivy Leagues. However, recent news has shocked them that the Brooklyn Nets guard has donated a large sum of money to Harvard to in furtherance of its financial aid program to support the students.

Not too long ago on Oct. 26, it was reported that the NBA superstar has donated a total of one million US dollars to Harvard University, Harvard Gazette reported.

According to Harvard College dean of admissions and financial aid, William R. Fitzsimmons, the donation was aimed to support the school's Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI), where numerous undergraduates will receive a a need-based grant aid, as the source pointed out.

The Harvard Gazette went on to note that Fitzsimmons found it inspiring as to how the university and Jeremy Lin share a common commitment to the financial aid Athletics. Moreover, it was reported that the donation would also help with the renovation of the campus' Athletic center, Lavietes Pavilion.

News of Lin's donation this 2016, who was part of the Crimson and served as team captain on his senior year, has greatly helped improve the stature of the campus through the renovation of its Athletic Center, as stated by the source.

In light of this, Thomas Amaker commented as to how the Lavietes Pavilion is able to successfully gather the community together, Harvard Gazette reported. He even went further to praise the NBA player's generosity and how it would help the community and the student body.

As the NBA season kicks-off this 2016, news of Lin's generosity has gotten the attention of his fans and critics alike, as pointed out by sources. As such, Lin stated that he is committed in supporting the improvements of the facilities where he honed his skills, Washington Post reported.

Lin released a statement explaining that his time in Harvard has prepared him well enough to be successful on and off the court, the same publication has learned. He was more than honored to to be able to help deserving undergraduates reach the same level and caliber of education that he received during his time at Harvard University.

Fans were amazed to see an NBA player who is as equally generous as they are talented in the sport.

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