Google Works With University Of Michigan To Combat Water Crisis, Lead Contamination [VIDEO]


Flint locals are continuously worried about the status of their water system. Which is why the University of Michigan and Google have partnered up to create an app that helps Flint residents deal with the water crisis.

The lead-contamination water crisis has put Flint in hard times. The area is now looking at children who have permanent health issues because of such contamination. Now, the computer science researchers at the University of Michigan has developed Mywater-Flint, along with the help of Google's technical and financial support.

The app will be able to provide information about the lead-testing results in relation to the pipes that have been replaced. The results will also reflect the outcome of the water filtering system at various distribution centers. The app can also predict which residences will have higher lead content based on location, size, age and value, ABC News reported.

This is their way of creating transparency to the community who have expressed frustration regarding the status of their drinking water.

The area has already approved the removal of the lead-tainted pipes in Flint, Michigan. There are now funds to replace more than 29,000 lead-tainted lines that service water from the main water systems to individual homes and businesses in the city. The cause of the lead taint was because of the change in water source. The new source came from the Flint river which was not properly filtered and treated, Mywater-Flint reported.

On the record, the water crisis and lead contamination has already exposed thousands of children who are at risk of permanent health issues. The contamination has also affected the flora and fauna of the area which put species at risk.

To restore confidence, Mayor Karen Weaver said she feels that replacing the lead pipes will solve the problem. But to combat future crisis, the University of Michigan researchers and Google will provide transparent information on the lead testing and contamination results, too.

To find out more about the Flint Water crisis, check out the video below:

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