Diana Ross’ Daughter Thanks Her For Her Education


What does Tracee Ellis Ross have that her mother Diana Ross has? Apart from her frizzy hair and cheekbones, the pop star also inherited her mother's fashion sense and talent.

Tracee Ellis Ross, who is now 44 years old, had earned a name on her own. She starred in ABC's series, "Black-ish" and has won the best actress award in a comedy series for Primetime Emmy. She is also the first African-American woman in that particular category in the last thirty years.

Diana Ross' daughter says she looks so much like her mom and she recalls her life growing up. Born in Los Angeles, she was originally raised in Switzerland and she entered the spotlight as a model during her teenage years. She then later entered the fashion world as a contributing editor at the New York magazine. Later on, she ventured into television, cites the Inquirer.

But the one thing she learned from her mom, Diana Ross, is her work ethic. She saw how her mother did what she wanted with passion. And because of her career, Tracee and her family traveled everywhere and went to different schools.

Growing up, Tracee Ross had several challenges. Being a kid of a high profile star was difficult. She toured in limos and saw glitz and glamour. As a young teenager, this can be difficult to receive. However, Diana Ross made sure her children had the balance they need in life. She thanks her mom for giving her the education she had. And above all, she expresses that she learned how to work hard and reach her dreams.

Tracee laughs as she explains that she looks so much like Diana Ross but enjoys being her own woman. Now, the actress is busy working on "Black-ish" and will continue to work on comedy stunts that are popular topics in everyday life such as religion, the election, and more.

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