iPhone 8 to Deviate Far from Original Design with Foldable Display from LG?; Apple Products Currently on Test [RUMOR]


A new rumor points towards the future of Apple iPhone with a foldable display supplied from LG Electronics.

LG foldable display's lists of buyers include Apple, Google and Microsoft

A prototype of foldable panel was exhibited by LG a few years ago and now the company has reportedly secured deals with Apple, Google and Microsoft to supply foldable display. ETnews has learned that the foldable panel will be used for iPhone 8 in 2017.

Previously, there has been a rumor on 10 prototypes of Apple's upcoming iPhone being tested. These devices include the traditional 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches variants, and the one with OLED panel. WallStreetJournal also reported that a curved-screen iPhone could come as early as next year.

Apple has filed a patent on a foldable display - describing a screen that can be folded into half but the phone remains accessible when closed. It will be using a hinge to rotate while the circuit boards keep the two screens intact.

What's more interesting about the rumor is that Google has been listed as the first buyers of LG foldable display. The assumption now leads to the next gen of Google Pixel phones which could be rocking the flexible OLED panel.

Will we see iPhone 8 and Pixel sporting LG foldable display in 2017?

Previous reports hint at Samsung's foldable Galaxy X that would likely be the first device in the world to have a bendable screen. However, this remains to be a rumor since there is no leak or prototype that suggests a folding-screen smartphone. And the only legitimate information about iPhone OLED display was the one coming from Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-Wu.

As for now, the rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates on LG foldable display and iPhone 8.

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