'Rainbow Six Siege' Patch Removes All PvE Elements In Bartlett University Map; Update Improves Tachanka Detailed! [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike are well aware of the success that Ubisoft has received over the years from its "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" franchise. As such, the latest installment to the franchise, "Rainbow Six Siege," continues to grow as it receives an update before the year ends which introduces a lot of tweaks to fans. Moreover, fans will get to see a more improved and capable Tachanka as the operator receives his own fine tuning with the recently released patch.

It was previously reported that the acclaimed first-person shooter "Rainbow Six Siege" has recently received a new additional content with the Operation Red Crow DLC that was released last month, University Herald noted. It was stated therein that the DLC featured the female Operator, Hibana, who is one of the two new operators added in the game.

This time around, Ubisoft has turned its focus on releasing a patch for "Rainbow Six Siege" that aims to provide more bug fixes, map changes, and more tweaks to the gameplay, Gamespot reported.

One of the more notable changes made with this patch for "Rainbow Six Siege" is the alterations they have made on the Bartlett University map. It was said that the map was only available to fans in the non-PvP modes. However, this update has introduced the map to be incorporated in competitive modes.

It was stated by Ubisoft that the changes made in the Bartlett University map for "Rainbow Six Siege" has removed all of the gas and PvE factors from its initial design. Moreover, the patch has incorporated better destruction, improved visual layouts, and a two-layer destruction in the map.

In other news, it was reported that one of the original Operators, Tachanka, has received his own tweaks in the latest patch released for "Rainbow Six Siege," VG24/7 learned. It was said that the most notable change made to the character was the addition of a shield to his turret, which would make it difficult for enemies to target his head. Thus, it would hopefully make Tachanka a more viable pick in the competitive modes.

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