'Rainbow Six Siege' To Release New Operator in Operation Red Crow; Post-Launch Success Detailed! [VIDEO]


Fans are well aware of the success that Ubisoft has garnered from its "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" series. As such, the latest installment to the franchise, "Rainbow Six Siege," has earned itself some positive feedback since its initial launch. In addition, more content is being added to the game as the developers have teased fans of a new Operator to be released some time soon, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the French multinational video game publisher, Ubisoft, has been dishing out new details to fans regarding the additional content that will be included in the coming Operation Red Crow update, Gamespot learned.

It was stated by Gamespot that the coming update to Ubisoft's critically-acclaimed first-person shooter game, "Rainbow Six Siege," will also feature a new Operator, called Hibana. It was mentioned further that the new Operator will be an Attacker-class character.

From the trailer released by the developer, Gamespot briefly described the backstory of Hibana, which in Japanese means "spark." The source noted that the new Attacker-class Operator is one of the two members of Japan's Special Assualt Team that will be released in the Operation Red Crow update. Moreover, Gamespot pointed out that Hibana will be utilizing the SuperNova and Type-89 for her primary weapons, and both PM9 and P229 as her secondary weapons.

In an interview briefly explaining the upcoming new Operator, writer Farah Daoud-Brixi stated that Hibana will be the first female character to fall under the Attacker-class since "Rainbow Six Siege's" initial release back in December, Gamespot reported. She further went on to explain that the new Operator will give the players more flexibility in terms of game mechanics, characterization, and team compositions.

With the upcoming release of the Operation Red Crow update, it seems that "Rainbow Six Siege" has gained a lot of success since its initial release, which is a good indicator to Ubisoft's first-half earnings, Forbes noted.

In an earnings call conducted recently, Ubisoft told analysts that the performance of "Rainbow Six Siege," along with its other big titles, have recently improved due to the success of its sales of digital items, DLC and Season Passes, Forbes learned. To be exact, the company stated a forty percent increase in user engagement since the release of its Skull Rain expansion.

With the upcoming Operator Red Crow and the new Operator, Hibana, coming soon, it would seem that Ubisoft will be enjoying its continued success with its "Rainbow Six Siege" game.

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