Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset: Starting to Make a Noise in India; Why Google, Samsung, Sony Should Be Threaten? [VIDEO]


Apple of the East Xiaomi has recently launched the entry-level Mi VR Play headset in India and the device has already solicited positive feedbacks from the users. Should Google, Samsung and Sony be afraid for the fate of their own VR platforms since MI VR Play headset has already started to make a noise? Read more details here!

Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset Threatens Competitors

Xiaomi is known manufacturing low cost smartphones and tablets that managed to capture the attention of the netizens. This time, the Chinese manufacturing firm known as Apple of the East to some wants to have a piece of the pie from the virtual reality market, thus, coming up with Mi VR Play Headset is the company's recent move.

The entry-level and low cost Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset turns out to be a potential killer of mid-range VR headsets manufactured by tech giants like Google (VR Daydream), Samsung (Gear VR) and Sony (PlayStation VR). According to The Indian Express, the company has been out of stock since the launching of the device last August in China, thus, lead to the speculation of voluminous orders and sales.

On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset works similarly with Google VR Daydream and Sony PlayStation VR. According to The Verge, games are much easier to play and videos are somewhat smoother when watched due to the device's built-in motion sensor, 9-axis motion controller and touch support controls.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset has the dimension of 201 x 107 x 91 mm and weighs around 208 grams (without the straps). The headset is made of Lycra fabric which Xiaomi claims to be skin-friendly and does not cause itchiness and other skins discomforts.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset Compatibility

The newest VR platform is compatible with the latest models of Xiaomi smartphones such as Mi 5, Mi 5 Plus and the newly launched Redmi Mi Note. However, Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset is not available worldwide; thus, people won't be able to own the device yet especially those who resides in the United States. 

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