Surface Book 2 Release Date: Microsoft New Laptop Will Capture the Hearts of Professional; Apple Cancels MacBook Pro 2017? [RUMORS]


The newly released Surface Book i7 of Microsoft Corporation has reportedly captured the interest of some working professionals who are used to be fanatic of Apple MacBook Pro. Read more about the reasons why these people turned their back from Apple's portable machine and could it be true that the Cupertino giant cancels the release of MacBook Pro 2017?

Professionals is Likely to Favor Surface Book 2 over MacBook Pro

The warm welcome thrown by the working professionals for Surface Book and Surface Book i7 is evident that the upcoming Surface Book 2 will be a huge success. According to Forbes, since Microsoft launched the first Surface Book almost a year ago, a massive MacBook Pro users are reportedly shifting to the backyard of the Windows-maker and expressed their admiration to the newest Windows 10 ecosystem.

For this reason, Microsoft is considered by the community to be Apple's toughest competitor when it comes to laptop products. Although Apple appears to be having sales that are light years ahead from Microsoft and other tech firms, Surface Book 2 is expected to be the deal breaker when the Windows-maker company released the laptop in October 2017.  

Why Professionals Favor Surface Book i7?

A journalist and at the same time programmer shares his insight regarding the convenience of using the Surface Book at work. Since his work requires a lot of grinding for words, Surface Book is a big help to him most especially when dealing with Windows version of MS Excel for writing Visual Basic Scripts according to PC Mag.

Apple Cancels MacBook Pro 2017?

So far, there are no further information regarding the 2017 version of MacBook Pro except for the laptop to be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processor. Due to the scarcity of information, rumors suggest that the Cupertino giant cancels the production of the portable machine because of the possibility of having fears to rival Microsoft Surface Book 2. 

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