'Uncharted 4: Survival' Gameplay Detailed! Standalone DLC 'The Lost Legacy' To Feature Chloe & Nadine [VIDEO]


It would seem that Christmas came a tad bit earlier for fans and gamers alike who were thrilled hear that the co-op mode "Uncharted 4: Survival" has already been released. As fans get to preview the cooperative mode, more details about it were explained that highlights the "horde mode" formula raised to another level. In other news, fans can expect that the upcoming standalone DLC "The Lost Legacy" for "Uncharted 4" will feature both Chloe & Nadine.

It was previously reported that the next feature to be added to the highly-acclaimed action-adventure video game, "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," will be the co-op mode called "Uncharted 4: Survival," University Herald noted. It was said that it will feature a wave-based system where players and up to two more companions can group together to fend off waves of increasingly difficult opponents.

It was then reported that Naughty Dog has taken given its fresh take on the classic "horde mode" formula for "Uncharted 4: Survival" by requiring players to change their tactics in order to survive longer, Digital Trends has learned.

It was also mentioned that the developers have done a good job of making the cooperative mode in "Uncharted 4: Survival" a bit harder by altering the rules of engagement during the game. To illustrate, some waves would require players to eliminate enemies with only pistols or melee attacks only.

The source went on to state that the variety being added from time to time on the waves of enemies has kept "Uncharted 4: Survival" a continuously interesting mode to play.

In other news, these same fans can expect two female protagonists to be featured in the upcoming standalone DLC called "The Lost Legacy" for "Uncharted 4," Gamespot reported. The standalone expansion for "Uncharted 4" will feature both Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.

It was said that it was initially intended as a mere DLC pack but evolved into what is now an expansion for the story of "Uncharted 4." Fans can expect to the two protagonist appear in a ten-minute gameplay demo that Naughty Dog released during their PlayStation Experience keynote.

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