PlayStation Experience 2016 News: 'Way Of The Passive Fist' Sets 2017 PS4 Release Date; Rumored Major Announcements Detailed! [VIDEO]


As the year homes in to its last month, fans are eagerly waiting for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016 with all the games being announced and featured therein. As such, fans can also expect a few games to be showcased and made playable, such as the upcoming "Way of the Passive Fist" set for a 2017 release date for the PS4. Moreover, rumors and predictions regarding the major announcements to be made during the event are circulating around the web.

It was recently reported that Household Games will be featuring its first title, "Way of the Passive Fist," in the upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016, PlayStation Blog has learned. It was said that the game will be coming to the PS4 with a 2017 release date.

As such, Household Games founder and director, Jason Canam, described in the post that fans will be able to experience and play the mysterious character who mastered the art of the Passive Fist called, The Wanderer.

He further explains that "Way of the Passive Fist" will be unlike any other arcade-style brawlers out there. Instead of having your basic beat down attack moves, the main protagonist is equipped with a variety of parries, deflections and dodges for players to utilize.

It was also mentioned therein that Canam and his team have always intended to create a licensed game for 90's cartoon that they've always dreamt of existing. He said that he wanted to recreate that feeling when players face-off against a boss that they've seen from a show.

With the game being featured in the upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016, rumors and predictions of other featured games and major announcements have also circulated around. One major announcement that was predicted for Sony's big event this December is the unveiling of "The Last of US 2," GamingBolt reported.

Regardless if gamers do hear any announcements of a sequel to the acclaimed "The Last of Us" franchise, fans can definitely expect something big in the upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016 along with featured games like "The Way of the Passive Fist."

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