Microsoft’s Windows Defender Squeezing Out 3rd Party Anti Virus Developers; Kaspersky Fears Cybersecurity Compromised? [VIDEO]


Kaspersky Lab is accusing Microsoft of being anti-competitive as it launches its newest anti-virus Windows Defender, squeezing out third party developers like Kasperksy. Eugene Kaspersky fears that cybersecurity may be compromised without the participation of competitors, who bring with them different security systems that are difficult to unlock.

Microsoft has launched Windows Defender as an all-encompassing anti-malware, anti-virus program that is incompatible with non-Microsoft programs. Microsoft's newest AV is bundled with every Windows installation, preventing users to search for other options.

In the official blog of Eugene Kaspersky, the Russian billionaire gave a lengthy and detailed report of his complaints and issues against industry leader Microsoft. Kaspersky accuses Microsoft of potentially monopolizing the AV industry and leaving third party developers out of the competition.

Windows Defender quietly disables or even uninstalls incompatible programs including the Kaspersky AV. The method of doing this is so discreet, using small boxes that usually go unnoticed. He stresses the big "juicy" button to turn on Defender and eliminating other AV options.

Moreover, Microsoft is not sharing any information regarding its updates, which could have given Kaspersky Lab and other third party developers the opportunity to tweak their programs so that Defender will not turn these off. This claim is unwarranted for Microsoft has the insider preview program that both users and developers can readily access as reported in Slash Gear.

The said preview provides a schedule of future updates. Kaspersky Lab has also been the subject of controversies in the past. The company has been known to sabotage rival companies.

Nonetheless, competition in a sensitive market like the AV has its various benefits. Cybersecurity remains a primary concern and having different developers competing in the industry mean different security protocols that cybercriminals will have to unlock. Moreover, competition brings diversity, which in turn, paves the way for new ideas to emerge.

Microsoft has made no official announcement to refute the accusations thrown by Kaspersky Labs. In past issues with the Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, the company has strictly followed the sanctions and restrictions, though users hardly notice the changes.

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