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Do Russian Hackers Gave Donald Trump His Presidency? What Could Be Putin’s Angle? [VIDEO]


It seems that many people are still in disbelief that Donald Trump has won the recent Presidential election. Information are now surfacing that Russian hackers were instrumental with Mr. Trump's success.

Donald Trump addressed so-called rumors as "ridiculous."

New York Times reported that intelligence agencies in the United States are confident that Russia has something with Donald Trump winning the election. Information also surfaced that the Russians allegedly hacked the Republic National Committee and other Democratic organizations.

It is not yet clear what documents were stolen by the hackers. Investigators described the events as conspicuous because the hackers did not release the information that they've gathered. It is believed that the main motive behind the attack was to disrupt the recently concluded election.

US President-elect Donald Trump claimed that the information was "ridiculous." He added that the accusations are just excuses and that he do not believe the reports. He stated that there's a strong possibility that the reports came from the Democrats and that the different intelligence agencies has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Putin's end-game for the Russian hackers.

It is believed that whatever information gathered by the Russian hackers are meant to discredit Mrs. Clinton and her staffs just in case she won the election. Senator McCain said that the evidences of the hack are there. McCain also asking Mr. Trump to admit the fact that Russia did interfered with the recently concluded election.

Senator McCain also insisted that what happened doesn't just affect two parties but the security of the United States. The Russians have denied any involvement and claimed that they did not interfere with the election in the United States, ABC reports.

Consequences for the Russian hackers.

If the reports are indeed true and it can be proven, what actions are they taking against the Russian hackers? President-elect Donald Trump is denying it and it seems President Barack Obama doesn't have any plans as of yet. Are Americans supposed to ignore what just happened, if it indeed happened?

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