Microsoft HoloLens Mixed-Reality: A New Way to Gaze at Your Works; but won't Change How You Play


Microsoft HoloLens has not yet arrived on any consumer's lap but the self-contained holographic headset promises a lot of good things, especially on how users project their works.

Microsoft likes to describe HoloLens as a mixed-reality device instead of augmented-reality. The headset generates digital images in real time and changes how one sees a space as it is loaded with more virtual information.

According to the Redmond giant, HoloLens is nothing like virtual reality experience where users are drawn away from the real world. Instead, the headset 'complements' the real world.

Is HoloLens The Next AR Gaming Device?

Microsoft did demonstrate the headset at the biggest gaming exhibition, E3 event, when it was used for playing Minecraft seamlessly across gaming platforms.

However, the tech company has clearly stated that HoloLens is a business-centric device that will be benefit for work, Alphr reported - for instance, interior designer who wants to render their furniture or architects who want a scale model for their buildings.

The HoloLens can view the images even when users are walking around the room - allowing them to click through 3D slides. The demo has also included human anatomy which would be benefit for healthcare providers and education sector.

With that being said, it is safe to argue that consumers won't likely see any game compatible with the HoloLens in the near future except for the demoed titles.

HoloLens and Its Eye Gazing Technology

A recent leak spills Microsoft patent that states capacitive sensor for determining eye gaze direction. Digital Trends added that this patent hints at an improved control of the headset's mechanism.

In another words, HoloLens will be able to better predict what a user is looking at. The patented technology allows more accurate tracking system every time a user gazes at a specific direction. The enterprise-class hardware is said to be priced in premium category albeit no setting has been announced.

As of this moment, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift should not see Microsoft HoloLens as a challenge, should they?

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