Samsung vs Apple Lawsuit: Supreme Court Decides Samsung Doesn't Owe Apple $399 Million for Patent Infringement?

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The US Supreme Court announcement on Tuesday temporarily settles the long-battle between Samsung and Apple. According to the justices, Samsung does not owe $399 for patent infringement. The case is now sent back to the lower court. 

Samsung vs Apple Company Lawsuit: The Patent Infringement Fight

Originally, the case became a lawsuit in 2011 when Apple accused Samsung for copying the grid in iPhone app icons along with many other designs. Previously, the lower courts were in Apple's favor - agreeing that Samsung has copied the patents. The fed ordered Samsung to pay what is liable to the extent of total profit, News18 reported.

At the time, Samsung has to pay $548 million to Apple for the infringement out of the full fine $930. The Galaxy Note maker refused to pay the rest $399 as it argued that there are only a few components infringed.

Samsung vs Apple Company Lawsuit: The Supreme Court Sides with Samsung

Samsung does not feel responsible of the total profits to the Cupertino tech as not the whole aspects of a device should be considered infringement.

In October, Chief Justice John Roberts, said that the design is meant for an outward appearance but not in the wires and chips. With that being said, the profits awarded does not necessarily based on the pricetag of the smartphone, ValueWalk reported.

For the record, the lawsuit recorded 11 of Samsung handsets including three patents copying iPhone's design. The highest court sides with Samsung this time by stating that the Android-phone manufacturer should pay only for the copied components instead of the entire profit of a phone. In addition to the 8-0 rulling, the Supreme Court tosses back the documents to lower court for 'analyzing the law incorrectly'.

As for now, the battle between Samsung and Apple will continue in the US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit Washington.

Check out Samsung vs Apple patent infringement timeline in the video below!

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