Nintendo Switch (NX) Updates: Console Will Bring New Exciting Games in March 2017 Released; Dark Souls Trilogy Coming Soon? [VIDEO]


The excitement from the fans of Nintendo Switch (nee NX) is growing everyday as the launching and release date of the newest Japan-made gaming console is imminent. The excitement has become more apparent when Nintendo hinted about bringing back the old favorite games in 2017 as well as the possibility of having Dark Souls Trilogy. Read more details here!

New Games Available in Nintendo Switch (NX) for 2017 Release

The list of game titles for the newest Nintendo Switch (nee NX) is expanding. Aside from the most talked about "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild" and "Dragon Quest", new game titles are also expected to be played in the gaming console in 2017.

Just recently, THQ Nordic officially announced their support to Nintendo Switch through three new games such as "Sphinx", "Cursed Mummy" and "War Leaders: Clash of Nations and Legends of War". According to Express UK, the announcement from THQ Nordic came a week after "Stardew Valley" and Binding of Isaac Afterbirth was announced to debut in Switch for 2017.

In addition, Gamecube also announced the game titles that will be included in the virtual console such as Animal Crossing, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Luigi's Mansion. On the other hand, Nintendo discussed the inclusion of "Dark Souls Trilogy" in Nintendo Switch (NX) alongside Dark Souls DLC depending on the sales of the newest gaming console.

What to Expect from Nintendo Switch (NX)?

Nintendo Switch (NX) is said to be a hybrid device which means both handheld and home console at the same time as well as the evolution of the Wii U's Gamepad. According to PC Advisor, its best for everyone to think of Nvidia Shield Tablet when speaking about the newest game console.

Having said that, Nintendo Switch (NX) is expected to look like a tablet with a docking station that can be plugged into the TV as a traditional home console. On the other hand, the user can also play the games everywhere and anytime they want when they convert the console into a handheld device. 

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