Here’s How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season


It can be quite challenging to keep your health intact during the holidays when every food around seems to be tempting, and schedules are full with gatherings and festivities. This season that's supposed to be filled with joy and merry-making has a bit of a downside too, especially when it comes to your health. Food, alcohol and stress - these can be detrimental to your health. Here's how you can avoid compromising your health while enjoying this season of happiness with your loved ones.

Eat healthy

All the delicious foods are around during the holidays and it's tempting to eat all of them, but oops, you have to watch out for your calorie and sugar intake. Even if it's the holidays, you can still choose to eat healthy so that you don't get to suffer the consequences and get sick.

Don't deprive yourself of sleep

This goes to both children and adults. According to studies, sleep deprivation have long term effects on your health. Maintaining good and quality rest will ensure everyone stays happy during all of these merry-making.

Manage stress

Stress can be harmful to your health too so make sure that you give yourself a break when you're already stressed out. Get plenty of rest and find support socially and emotionally so that your holidays don't take toll on your health.

Drink moderately

According to historical data and reports, the holidays are one of the times when the rate of people suffering from high blood pressure increases. This is because people tend to do binge drinking which is bad for the heart. Not only will it increase your risk of heart disease, you can't be drive safely due to alcohol intoxication, so make sure everything is in moderation.

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