Ohio Colleges Protecting Immigrants, Schools To Combat Discrimination In Trump’s Administration [VIDEO]


Undocumented students and immigrants have been protected by United States President Barack Obama's 2012 policy that they will not be removed. President-elect Donald Trump's new administration may remove that policy.

As Donald Trump continues to meet with different authorities to discuss his administration policies when he takes his seat at the Oval Office, Ohio residents are fearing for the worst. On November 28, Trump promised to get rid of Obama's 2012 policy protecting immigrant college students from deportation. This is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The DACA protects young people who are illegal immigrants or who have overstayed their visas especially if they are students, currently employed, in the military and are law-abiding people.

Donald Trump has been quite vocal in his campaign to remove Obama's policy on this. But during an interview with Time magazine, he promised to work something out so everyone remains happy. Regardless, to protect their students, Ohio colleges swear to shield them, Dispatch reported.

According to Rock Jones, the Ohio Wesleyan President, he will oppose all efforts that will make it difficult for their students to pursue a higher education in the United States. Ohio colleges promise to continue to be a refuge for immigrant students.

Regardless of Donald Trump's November 28 declaration, Ohio schools will still continue to accept students to enroll in their schools on the basis of their non-discrimination policies. In addition, they will not release confidential student information without permission or legal authorization.

To emphasize this, Jones is only one of the 500 university and college presidents in the United States who are signing an agreement that calls for the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Ohio schools such as Denison University, Columbus College, Art and Design, Kenyon College, Ohio Dominican University, Ohio State University and Ohio University have all pledged to call for the continuation of the DACA.

Check out what else Donald Trump said regarding illegal immigrants through the video below:

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