Apple iPhone 6s Battery Issue is a Safety Issue?; Apple is Heading Towards Global Recall of iPhone 6s Handsets? [RUMORS]


Just recently, a Chinese government watchdog is calling out the attention of Apple regarding the reported battery issues of iPhone 6 handsets. Is this a safety issue and should compel the Cupertino-giant for a global recall? Read more details here!

Apple iPhone 6s Battery Issues

Apple iPhone 6s is reportedly having battery issues when the phone automatically shutdowns and users are anxious enough to consider such thing as a threat to safety the same with that of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion. According to Computer World, Apple has released a statement saying that the said issues are affecting only a number of iPhone 6s models and the company is not heading towards a global recall of the said handsets in contradiction to the on-going rumors.

According to Apple, battery faulty component is due to its exposure to air before it is assembled into battery packs. Unexpected shutdowns occur because the battery degrades faster than a normal battery and this is not a safety issue.

For this reason, Apple is reportedly offering free of charge fix to selected and eligible iPhone 6s models by accessing their customer support issues. This action of Apple is triggered when a Chinese government watchdog has called out their attention to report the phones with faulty battery issues.

On the other hand, when it comes to providing actions to issues on handsets, Apple is considered to be expert in handling such situations compared to Samsung. According to Forbes, Apple is better in identifying problems and can be seen as quick to response to the needs of the users.

Some of the issues experienced by iPhone users for the last decade that were addressed by Apple accordingly are Bendgate, Touch Disease and Antenna Gate. And it is worth mentioning that these issues do not affect large number of units but represents only a number; thus, leads to the conclusion that the Cupertino-giant is producing a device with flawless hardware and software. 

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