Cyanogen Updates: Steve Kondik’s Termination Will Be the End of CyanogenMod Project? Kirt McMaster is not a Good Leader? [RUMORS]

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Members of the Cyanogen community were shocked upon learning the news about the co-founder Steve Kondik's separation from the company. For this reason, members of the community are anxious about the discontinuation of CyanogenMod project in which Kondik is seriously looking at. Will the company succeed under the leadership of the remaining co-founder Kirt McMaster? Read more details here!

Steve Kondik Separates from Cyanogen

Steve Kondik expressed his sentiments about the issues on Cyanogen Company in the CyanogenMod developer Google Plus community where he revealed the reasons on his separation and who the culprit is. According to Gadgets NDTV, Kondik is referring to his co-founder Kirt McMaster as the reason why he decided to cut his ties with the company he co-founded and worked for eight years.

In his statement, Kondik said that McMaster was no longer focusing on their vision for the company and becomes greedy that resulted to bad business deals and misguided media activities.  He admits that he tried to stop the damaged caused by McMaster but later on he found out that everyone in their office has sided on McMaster.

Furthermore, Kondik has tried working on another project that he sees as the fulfillment of the company's vision but McMaster's camp has destroyed his plan using the company's hard-earned money from the bank. For this reason, Kondik decided to go on separate ways because that's what he thinks is best for him and the company.

On the other hand, Kirt McMaster is reportedly causing headaches to the company through his moronic comments. McMaster is also to be blame for all the confusing business models and media snafus.

Discontinuation of CyanogenMod Project

With the separation of Steve Kondik, members of the CyanogenMod developer community fear the possibility of discontinuation of CyanogenMod Project that was started by Kondik himself. However, it seems that is not likely to happen since Kondik has thought of reorganizing and reenergizing the efforts of CyanogenMod community, Android Police reported.

As part of the reenergizing, Kondik has two distinct plans: to re-launch the ROM and to build a new company classified as a non-profit organization. However, this is not official yet as Kondik is still in the stage of recovery from his separation.

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