'Tekken 7' News: Bandai Discusses Unreal Engine 4 For PC; Cross-play On PS4 & Xbox One Confirmed? [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike are looking forward to the release of the acclaimed fighitng genre video game, "Tekken 7" that's coming to the consoles and the PC, as well. After a year of being exclusive to the arcade gaming, the game creator discusses how the latest technology, such as the Unreal Engine 4, have helped them bring the iconic franchise to the PC. In other news, the question of whether there will be a cross-play feature between the PS4 and Xbox One has yet to be confirmed.

Despite the number of times "Tekken 7" was reported to have experienced some set backs and delays, it has finally been confirmed by the immensely popular fighting game by Bandai Namco will finally be ported to the PC, which is mainly due to the latest technology of utilizing the new Unreal Engine 4, University Herald noted.

That being said, the game's creator Katsuhiro Harada (known for being the long-standing producer of the "Tekken" franchise) has discussed in an interview how they were able to make "Tekken 7" available to the PC, Gamespot reported.

When asked what made Harada and the rest at Bandai Namco Entertainment to release "Tekken 7" to the PC, the game designer discussed with Gamespot that their team started developing the game on PC, rather than starting with Sony's platform where they were previously accustomed with.

With this process, Harada pointed out that it made it more easier to port "Tekken 7" to the PC. Moreover, the fact that a lot of gamers prefer to play their games on the PC than on the current-gen consoles would open up the game to a sizable audience on PC.

That being said, it was also reported that fans have asked via a tweet on whether or not there will be a cross-play feature for "Tekken 7" between the PS4 and Xbox One, Attack of the Fanboy noted.

In response to this, Michael Murray (a game designer for "Tekken 7") said that fans ought to ask Sony about it since Microsoft has already acknowledge that it is open to cross-play between the two platforms.

As such, it seems that fans will have to wait until Sony themselves confirm whether a cross-play feature will be available for "Tekken 7" between the PS4 and Xbox One.

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