’The Walking Dead’s’ Carl Grimes, AKA Chandler Riggs Wants To Work And Study


"The Walking Dead's" mid-season 7 finale is looming close and a lot of people are seriously asking if Carl Grimes is going back in the second half.

More importantly, is Carl Grimes going to be back in "The Walking Dead" season 8. Next year, Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, is said to be going to college.

After his father went to Facebook to thank the studio for giving his son a seven year contract, many "The Walking Dead" fans were on the edge. Will they no longer see him in the upcoming season? His mother went to Instagram to calm everyone down and explained that her husband merely thanked the show runners and did not mean anything else. She asked everyone not to read too much into the post.

Still, with Carl under Negan's fingernails, there is still a lot to figure out. What is the future of the remaining members of the original "The Walking Dead" cast? It has been seven years since Chandler Riggs has started and there is no clear indication if he is going to renew his contract. In doing so, Riggs might be revealing too much about the fate of his character.

According to the young actor, he would love to both work on the show and study at the same time. He does miss being a normal kid which is why he is eager to go to the university and experience it, cites Sivertimes. If he needs to be on the show, he can choose to take a few online classes and also schedule some on-campus classes. However, he is not sure if the professors are amenable to that kind of set up.

As "The Walking Dead" follows the comics and if the television show stays true, then Carl's future in season 8 is still certain. When it comes to his fate under Negan in the second half of season 7 though, it is still unclear.

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