‘Dragon Quest Heroes 2’ Heads For Western Shores On April For PS4; PS Vita Version Not Possible [VIDEO]


Square Enix has announced that "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will be coming to the West in April for the PlayStation 4. They have also announced that the video game will not have a PlayStation Vita version.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" coming to the West

According to the official blog of PlayStation, Square Enix has confirmed that "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will be coming to North America. It will come with a new world to explore, new multiplayer features, and a lot of playable characters. It will be released on April 25 on the PlayStation 4 in the US and it will arrive three days later in Europe.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" gameplay

The game company assured that those who are new to "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" or the franchise will not be left out. The game is set in its own world, with brand new characters and will not assume that players have previous knowledge of any game from the franchise. It is a hack-and-slash, field roaming action RPG, and it will include a four player coop multiplayer feature.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" character roster

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will include characters from the other games in the series, which fans will be familiar with. It will also introduce two brand new heroes to the mix, which are the cousins Lazarel and Teresa.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" story

According to the official website of Square Enix, the game company provided the story of "Dragon Quest Heroes 2." The game is about the two knights-in-training and cousins Lazarel and Teresa reuniting the Kingdom of Harba. Little do they know that their kingdom, Dunisia, is already preparing an army to invade the newly reunited Kingdom, and the leader of the invasion force is their old friend Prince Cesar.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" PS Vita version not possible

Square Enix's Dan Seto apologized to the fans that "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will not have a PS Vita version of localization. He hopes that they will give the PS4 version a chance and enjoy it all the same. He also said that they will think of ways to bring more games of the franchise to the West in the future.

Check out the "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" Announcement Trailer video below:

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