'Destiny 2' 2017 Release Date Coming To PC? Former BioWare Cameron Lee Joins Bungie! [VIDEO]


After two years and four released-expansions since the initial unveiling of "Destiny," fans and avid gamers alike of the online-only first-person shooter game are now waiting for the the second installment of the franchise, "Destiny 2," which is slated for a 2017 release date. As such, some are speculating as to whether the upcoming game will also be launched on the PC, as well. Moreover, former BioWare producer Cameron Lee has now joined the team at Bungie.

It was recently reported that speculations of "Destiny 2," which is confirmed to be released some time in 2017, might be ported to the PC, as well, Kotaku learned. It was stated therein that rumors of the game coming to PC first came up via a post on NeoGAF by a user named benny_a.

Moreover, it was also stated by benny_a that Vicarious Visions, which is known for developing the upcoming "Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy" and owned by Activision, will be helping out in developing "Destiny 2." This information was said to have strengthened the credibility of benny_a as the source has previously received the same information as well.

As such, the source went on to elaborate that having "Destiny 2" made available to the PC when it hits its 2017 release date is a logical step for Bungie. It was said that launching the sequel on PC will broaden the audience of the franchise and would ensure the developers that they won't have to worry about continuously releasing new content that might be restricted with outdated specs.

In other news, Cameron Lee (former producer at BioWare and known for his work in "Dragon Age: Inquisition) was reported to have joined the team at Bungie after tweeting about it via his Twitter account.

It was previously reported that Cameron Lee left BioWare because he and his wife are expecting a child and they plan to raise their new born baby in bigger and more conducive city, University Herald noted.

As such, it seems that fans can expect great things for "Destiny 2" as it could be released for the PC in 2017, with Lee joining the project as well.

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