'Destiny' News & Update: The Dawning DLC Arriving Soon! Bungie Taking A “Smart Approach” For 'Destiny 2' [VIDEO]


As the year culminates with this month's holidays and triple-A games being released from different genres, fans and gamers can still expect bigger thngs in the following year. With the recent earnings call, fans have been reassured that "Destiny 2" is well on its way to its 2017 release date. While fans await for the sequel, Bungie has announced that it will be releasing new content for "Destiny" with the upcoming "The Dawning" DLC arriving in a few days.

It was recently reported that Bungie and Activision have announced that "Destiny" will be receiving a new update, "The Dawning" DLC (downloadable content), during the PlayStation Experience 2016, N3rdabl3 learned.

Moreover, it was said that "The Dawning" DLC for "Destiny" will be a festive update for the game as players will be able to assemble at the tower and welcome the approach of the new year by finishing quests and participating in games for different loots and rewards, which would include fans having the "Rise of Iron" DLC.

It was also mentioned by the source that the new DLC will see the return of the highly beloved Sparrow Racing League for "Destiny." With "The Dawning" update, players will now experience the Sparrow Racing League in four different tracks, two of which were said to be new to the game.

Along with this, it was said that fans can expect a record book, an array of rewards, and new gear and Sparrows for fans to unlock.

In addition, "The Dawning" DLC for "Destiny" will also see the new Strike Scoring system, which is a means to assist players in grinding for points. It was mentioned therein that the point-based system will allow fireteams to go face off one another with the goal of reaching the highest score during a Strike.

In other news, it was reported that Bungie and Activision are on track with regard to "Destiny 2" being released in 2017, Dual Shockers reported. Despite having no announcements as to an exact date, Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg, did say that the sequel is their primary focus right now.

As such, Hirshberg also went on to state that they have taken come up in what they believe to be a smart approach that will enable them to keep releasing new content to keep players engaged in the wake of "Destiny 2."

With all these said, fans of "Destiny" will be kept busy as the upcoming "The Dawning" DLC arrives in Dec. 13, while the anticipated "Destiny 2" is well on its way in 2017.

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