'The Last Guardian' Out Now! Ueda Discusses Trico's Design; Players Experiencing PS4 Frame Rate Issues? [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike of the acclaimed game designer Fumito Ueda have been waiting for the release of the highly-anticipated action-adventure game "The Last Guardian" by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As such, the wait is finally over as the game is finally released. The game designer also explains Trico's overall design. However, there have been reports that claim some players experiencing some frame rate issues when playing on the PS4.

Fans can now rejoice since the game has finally been released. This was confirmed by a recent tweet by PlayStation via its official Twitter account. The company has stated therein that "The Last Guardian" has finally arrived.

In an interview with Attack of the Fanboy, Fumito Ueda went on to explain the decisions they've made in designing Trico, which is the endearing giant pet that accompanies one of the game's portagonist in "The Last Guardian."

Ueda kicked things off by saying that he couldn't just step back and relish in the fact that the game is finally complete. He went on to say that it does not feel like "The Last Guardian" is truly over. He feels that getting the game released and completing it doesn't seem real as of the moment. As such, the game designer said that it might take him some time before he finally realizes that they're finally done with the game.

When asked about the kind of game "The Last Guardian" is, he went on to compare it to other mouse-based games where it revolved around character's following the clicks of the mouse. With this in mind, Ueda said that he intended the game to have the boy resemble a mouse cursor in a 3D environment.

He wanted to veer away from fans seeing Trico as merely a gameplay tool in "The Last Guardian." As such, he went on to design the game in a way that lets fans progress in the game together with Trico.

However, the game might be facing some hiccups in its release as reports indicate that some fans are experiencing some frame rate drops when play "The Last Guardian" on the PS4, Polygon has learned.

The source noted that playing "The Last Guardian" with the PS4 resulted in the game at a staggering 10 frames-per-second. As such, it went on to suggest that the only option available to fans will be getting a smooth 30 fps by playing it through the PlayStation 4 Pro, running at 1080p.

It seems that fans are still hopeful that the game will garner more success as it gets released in the market.

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