'The Last Guardian' Unveils New PS4 Gameplay Before Release Date; Ueda Explains Developing Trico [VIDEO]


Fans of acclaimed game designer Fumito Ueda have been waiting for the release of the highly-anticipated action-adventure game "The Last Guardian" by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4-exclusive title has gained a lot of attention lately as a new gameplay footage for the console was launched just days before the game's release date. Moreover, Ueda discusses the extent of Trico's development in the game.

It was recently reported that Fumito Ueda and his team have just released an eight-minute PS4 gameplay footage of their upcoming action-adventure game, "The Last Guardian," Segmentnext has learned.

It was described therein that the gameplay video features the boy waking up in a location unkown to him and sees Trico, who is shown to be clasped in chains. Since the two are initially strangers amongst each other, the footage shows the boy trying to befriend Trico, who ends up gaining the giant-sized creature's trust.

From thereon, the boy is seen freeing Trico from his shackles where after the two venture off to the depths of the ruins.

It was also mentioned by the source from an interview that Ueda and his team intended to create a timeless game from the very beginning. They believe that they have been successful in attaining that goal with their upcoming Nov. 29 release of "The Last Guardian."

It was also pointed out that Ueda will not be playing the game for at least a year or so after the game hits its release date. The renowned game designer explained that the reason behind his choice to refrain from playing the games he has created is because he doesn't want to create a perspective where all he sees are the flaws in his games.

With this being said, Ueda has discussed extensively the process that they've gone through in order to make Trico's movement as natural as possible, University Herald reported. It was mentioned therein that their team experienced some difficutly in trying to complete the work on Trico's movement to fit into an already-made environment.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Ueda disccused the amount of research him and his team invested in order to make Trico's movement as natural as possible. They even resorted to procedural animation so that they can take full control of its movement through a program they've made.

As the game closes in on its targeted release date this Nov. 29, "The Last Guardian" is definitely something fans ought to look out for.

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