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For-Profit Colleges Sees Bigger Revenue Under President Elect Donald Trump


For-profit colleges are seeing a brighter future with the upcoming Donald Trump administration. Under the Obama administration, the business life, when it comes to these colleges, were almost going to collapse.

However, these for-profit colleges now are celebrating Donald Trump's win from the recent 2016 Presidential Election. These schools know that Trump understands business and this may be an advantage for their industry.

But what are for-profit colleges exactly? These are higher education institutions that are operated by private and profit-seeking companies or businesses. However, these colleges did not receive the support they needed during the last few decades because of negative criticisms. The colleges argued that there is efficiency in the profit model but they are being targeted for their sales techniques, high costs or fees and poor student outcomes.

One example of a for-profit college is Trump University. But regardless of this particular defeat in Donald Trump's portfolio, his transition team, cites Columbian, still welcomed these colleges with open arms.

According to reports, for-profit colleges are going to undergo a rebranding campaign to ensure its success. Although the president-elect himself has not yet revealed his educational plan for the country, supporters of these institutions are comfortable in knowing that Trump will champion the private sector.

A key advantage that for-profit colleges are looking at features new borrower defense rules that will help cover student loans if the school fails. And if embraced, these colleges can bring in new jobs, as well. While Steve Gunderson, the president of the Career Education Colleges and Universities ( the lobbying group), expressed that he is looking forward to see a change in the system, Trump's transition team has not officially commented on this matter just yet.

On record, President-elect Donald Trump has not spoken in length about the future of for-profit colleges. However, it is already clear that he is currently rolling up his sleeves after enlisting Betsy DeVos as his pick for education secretary.

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