Polyfab Corp Gets Visit From Sheboygan Robotics Club


Polyfab Corp in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a plastic injection molding company. It has molding facilities that has clients from the medical field (packaging, orthodontics, fittings), packing market (specific product boxes), industrial fields (bearings, support, conveyor components), commercial markets (infant care, lawn and garden, marine and more) and even military for their defense components.

Recently, Polyfab Corp received a visit from the Cooper Elementary School. The Elementary's after school robotics club wanted to see the different robots and technologies used in the company's operations.

Polyfab Corp uses robotics and molding technology in making their products to cater to their clients, cites Sheboygan Press. This is the school's way of learning what a local company does when it comes to robotics technology.

It does not only expose the students to the technology the company is using, it also exposes them to learn more about the technology they are studying in school and in their club. The students toured the Polyfab Corp site for this purpose.

During the tour, the students saw the different robots being used in the process. They asked questions towards the Polyfab Corp employees about the components and parts. On the company's website, Polyfab has automated the injection moldings to minimize manual and human involvement. The company was able to create a consistent and quality result. By using repetitive processes, the company is able to mass produce products. Polyfab Corp's facilities include automation engineers that oversees the line.

Aside from its technology and automated line, the company also exposes the students to the different careers involved in the industry. Polyfab Corp is always looking for students exposed to STEM related degrees. The company boasts of having a modern, climate controlled building that focuses on cleanliness and safety.

Did you have your own out of school company tour like Cooper Elementary School's Polyfab Corp tour? Tell us about it and what you learned from it in the comments section.

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