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University Of Colorado Terminates Doctor Over Michelle Obama Insult


University of Colorado recently decided to dismiss a doctor because of a racist remark against the First Lady of the United States.

A Dr. Michelle Herren, who also works at the Denver Health Medical Center, recently commented on the First Lady. It was on a post on Facebook that sparked the controversy.

Dr. Herren responded to a Facebook post that had nothing but praises for the wife of President Barack Obama, cites Belfast Telegraph. In her comment, Dr. Herren called the First Lady a "monkey face" with "poor ebonic English."

In addition to her racist remark, she added that her statement was not racist at all. She merely "called it like it is" and she feels better for it. Dr. Herren, who is a paediatric anaesthesiologist at the Medical Center and is connected with the University of Colorado sparked outrage in the social media sphere.

Seeing this, the University of Colorado decided to terminate its relationship with the doctor. According to the publication, the Denver Health Medical Center is bumping up against the right to free speech.

Local news, such as KMGH-TV, indicated that Dr. Herren is no longer seeing patients at the hospital after her controversial remarks against First Lady Michelle Obama. Herren aired her part of the story to KMGH-TV and explained that her comments were taken out of context.

In addition to her explanation, she claimed that she had no knowledge that the phrase "monkey face" was an offensive term.

Regardless, the University of Colorado cuts its ties with the doctor. It may take a while for the issue to die down but her comments have already sent a ripple across the social media platform and is affecting her professional career. There are no clear reports indicating what other forms of repercussions happened after she made those remarks. However, it is already creating an impact on her professional life.

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