'Madden 17' 1.07 Update: Unintentional Speed Boost, Ice Kicker Fixed; MUT Head-To-Head Sessions, New Commentary Added To PS4, Xbox One

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"Madden 17" 1.07 Update fixes were reportedly added to the game as revealed by the patch notes. The seventh update to "Madden 17" reportedly includes MUT Head-to-Head Seasons and Super Bowl to the Madden Ultimate Team. Additionally, the faulty Ice Kicker was also given attention.

In terms of gameplay, the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update reportedly fixed the fake FG run that resulted in being called out of bounds. The fumble slider was also revived to bring more fumbles. Additionally, defensive play while travelling will already switch assignments instead of flipping.

"Madden 17" 1.07 Update also offer rewards after every MUT Head-to-Head game as well as extra logic. New commentary was also added with the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update for post PAT scenarios. Additional names were also included for QB's, RB's, WR's and Kickers/Punters, Attackofthefanboy reported.

The developers also added new post-play analysis with the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update. In addition, new lines were also featured in Play the Moment. Tuning was also changed with the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update based on common line telemetry. Moreover, the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update is expected to offer more stability in all the modes including the Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise.

In other news, the "Madden 17" 1.07 Update launched on both the PS4 and Xbox One to fix the bugs in the game. RAC catch animations were also addressed. Moreover, the Ice Kicker that previously would not activate despite proper conditions was also fixed, The Gamers Drop reported.

"Madden 17" 1.07 Update also ceased unintentional speed boosts done by timing snap with motioning. The new players in "Madden 17" were also given names. Hundreds of commentary lines were reportedly added to the game as well. Fatigue issues related to the Temperature or Weather penalties on the Away team was also fixed. Watch Update fixes here:

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