'The Wild Eight' Survival Game In Cold Alaska Air To Arrive In 2017; Xbox One, PS4 Version Not Ready Yet?


"The Wild Eight" is slated to arrive on the PC platform by 2017. Moreover, the developer reportedly bid to decline giving an official release date announcement of "The Wild Eight" on the Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms.

Developer Eight Points recently confirmed its upcoming plot-driven survival game "The Wild Eight". It has been revealed that "The Wild Eight" is already scheduled to release sometime in Q1 2017 on the PC platform. However, as for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, the developer has said that both are currently not yet ready for an official release date.

"The Wild Eight" is said to begin with a plane crash. Apparently, there will be eight survivors stranded in Alaska. "The Wild Eight" explorers are slated to uncover the mystery behind the plane crash. Moreover, immersive quest lines and anomalies are said to be hidden in the snowy region.

"The Wild Eight" side quests are also expected to reveal out of the world experiences. "The Wild Eight" players are also expected to cooperate as other players are bound to come online to join the challenges. Note that "The Wild Eight" is a survival game so warming around the campfire at night, taking shelter from blizzards and sharing food with other survivors are expected to be part of the challenge, DualShockers reported.

Meanwhile, "The Wild Eight" price is yet to be revealed. Rumor has it that the PS4, Xbox One and Steam PC versions will cost $19.99. "The Wid Eight" storyline is also said to include reaching out for help on the radio only to find no answers, WorthPlaying reported.

"The Wild Eight" reportedly does not tolerate any mistakes. Hence, if players do not hunt, they may end up being hunted. Furthermore, not cutting wood for the fire before nightfall almost certainly connotes the death of that player. Additionally, to stay alive in "The Wild Eight", scavenging and crafting like a pro are said to be essential. Watch gameplay overview here:

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