'Super Mario Maker' Arrives For Nintendo 3DS Platform; Biggest Features You Need To Know Of Offline, Online Modes Prior Dec. 2 Release


"Super Mario Maker" is slated to come to the Nintendo 3DS later this week. This reportedly gives users two ways to enjoy the "Super Mario Maker" levels. It is said that users may opt to play offline, or go through the original courses in the editor. Additionally, users may opt to play a game for 100 new courses created by Nintendo for Super Mario Challenge.

Nintendo Wii U owners are said to enjoy more possibilities with the games played online. This may include the 100 Mario Challenge that will be available online. Interestingly, players may opt for the Recommended Courses. Note that the "Super Mario Maker" for Nintendo 3DS will be launching in Japan on December 1, 2016 with a worldwide release  on December 2, 2016, Siliconera reported.

Meanwhile, "Super Mario Maker" is said to be among the most popular hit games list. Apparently, "Super Mario Maker features UI and adventurous stages. Hence, millions of users have reportedly been supporting "Super Mario Maker". Note that the great deal is now available in the form of "Super Mario Maker Nintendo 3DS" pre-loading live in North American eShop, MStarsNews reported.

"Super Mario Maker" players may also opt to pre-load the game. It should be noted that 2,921 Block of free space will be required or 365.125 MB. Apparently, what makes "Super Mario Makers" different on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U is said to be the inclusion of the challenges mode. It is said that there will be 100 new states exclusively created for the 3D version.

"Super Mario Maker" also recently came up with an overview video on the smaller screen. Note that "Super Mario Maker" is said to be a side scrolling hit game with a system developed and published by the Nintendo company for Wii U. Interestingly, custom courses may also be created that may also be shared over the internet for other "Super Mario Maker" players to enjoy. The 3DS version is also expected to have a virtual effect on the game. Watch the Super Mario Maker on 3DS overview trailer here:

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