'Dishonored 2' News & Update: Critics Give Positive Review! Patch 1.3 Available Via Steam Detailed! [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike will agree that it is a satisfying feeling and experience when critics praise a game that they've patiently waited for. Such is the case for "Dishonored 2," which garnered a good amount of positive reviews from critics upon getting released early last month. However, not all well-received games are without its problems. Arkane Studios are looking into it as the developers release another patch that addresses these major issues.

Kicking things off on a lighter note, critics of the highly-acclaimed action-adventure stealth video game, "Dishonored 2," have given a fair amount of positive reviews to the title, which was said to be a refreshing experience from most of the other triple-A titles released recently, The Washington Post reported.

The source went on to praise the game for its finely detailed environments and its nuanced character designs. It starkly sets the game apart from other major titles released that were said to be as subtle as jackhammers.

It was pointed out that "Dishonored 2" is a different beast altogether. Fans would have to calculate every step they take. For those who patiently investigate and observe their surroundings on every location in the game, they are rewarded by experiencing a well-thought out stealth game.

It even made mention to the game's sounds having a crucial factor to the gameplay. From the echoing footsteps of security guards to the minute buzzing of insects, players who brush these details off so easily might face disaster head-on.

As such, The Washington Post gave this game three-and-a-half out of four stars and went on to crown the game as the epitome of the top-drawer stealth game genre.

However, the PC version of the game has received some complaints about performance optimizations. As such, it was reported that Arkane Studios has finally addressed these concerns by releasing patch 1.3 via Steam, PC Gamer has learned.

It was stated therein that patch 1.3 for "Dishonored 2" will feature an array of fixes that are focused on general performance and optimization improvements. Fans can check out the full patch notes via the game's Steam page.

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