'Dishonored 2' News & Update: Patch 1.3 Now Available In Steam! More Fixes For Gameplay Optimizations Detailed [VIDEO]


For most fans and gamers alike, waiting for "Dishonored 2" to get released was worth the wait. Yet, it seems that fans playing on the PC have experienced an assortment of issues since the game's initial release back in early November. However, recent reports have shown that Arkane studios are looking into it as the studio releases another patch, which is available in Steam already, that addresses in fixing more of these major issues.

It was recently reported that Arkane Studios have recently made patch 1.3 available to fans, which is said to be on Steam already, PC Gamer has learned. It was also worth taking note that the recent patch is currently in beta.

Moreover, it was further mentioned by the source that Bethesda Softworks has repeatedly been suggesting to their fans that they ought to upgrade their video cards' drivers in order to get the best results out of the game's performance.

It was recommended that for those using Nvidia cards should upgrade their graphic cards to the 375.95 driver or newer. Bethesda pointed out that there seems to be some issue when it came to certain drivers, such as the 375.50 and 375.86 drivers that are peculiarly affecting the performance of "Dishonored 2."

As for those using AMD's video cards, it was simply recommended that they make sure to use the 16.11.4 drivers, without any mention of known problems with other versions of the drivers.

As such, it was stated that patch 1.3 for "Dishonored 2" will feature an array of fixes that are focused on general performance and optimization improvements. It will include the option to turn off motion blur, various fixes regarding the game's interface, support for multi-monitor, and more. Fans can check out the full patch notes via the game's Steam page.

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