Katy Perry Reveals Why Education Is Important To Her Upbringing


Katy Perry is known for her popular music and candy colored costumes and music videos. But she is also known for her candidness about how she was brought up.

Katy Perry grew up with Pentecostal parents. She traveled across the country while her parents put up churches. She had a different upbringing compared to most liberal kids. She and her siblings were not allowed to eat Lucky Charms because it reminded her mother of the devil. As a young girl, she listened to gospel music. She did not discover pop music until she listened to CDs from her friends.

Her sheltered life is what drove her to go to social media and speak out about her feelings regarding Clinton's loss, cites Elle. She was sad and feared for the future of the country. The music artist believed in Clinton's ability and her agenda. She points out that she lived a life inside a bubble and it was because of Clinton that she chose to speak up.

Katy Perry says that being uneducated about the things happening around her as a child now pushes her to find a more determined voice. She reveals that she had a poor education and how Clinton does not see the lack of or having poor education as a reason to be prejudiced. She highlights one experience during her life when education became essential.

Sex education was a barred topic in her household. When she was a teenager, she made countless visits to clinics in Santa Barbara and in Los Angeles, California to educate herself about sexual health. She talked about how this kind of education is important for girls like her. The "Roar" artist admits that without being educated about her sexual health she may not be on this career path right now. Imagine where Katy Perry would be if she did not discover music and educated herself?

Katy Perry does not know what will happen when President-elect Donald Trump takes his seat in the Oval Office in January 2017. But she is eager to fight and take a stand if necessary.

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