Ex-Google Coach: A Career is Like A Smartphone and Professionals Must Not 'Climb the Corporate Ladder' [Video]


Professionals with successful careers do not "climb the corporate ladder" anymore. This is according to ex-Google former coach and co-founder of Google's career mentoring program.

There is less loyalty with workers and employers in this current economy. Thus, it is outmoded to use metaphor of a ladder in the professional world. It does not involve lateral moves between projects, companies, and positions that assist many professional find happiness.

Blake encourages people to think of careers in a different way in order to find more happiness at work.

In a CNBC interview with Blake, she said that careers should be considered as a smartphone and not a ladder. People should 'download apps' for varying skills, side projects, and interests that they find fulfilling.

These downloaded apps are classes where one obtains skills that a person desires or wants. It could be studying a musical skill or a learning a new language. It could be anything that excites and motivates a person to grow.

A person gets hired for the unique skills that he has, whether these come from inside or outside the office.

Research shows that obtaining hobbies and interests not only increases productivity and work, but it also helps one deal with a job that one does not like.

Blake is an expert in creating great careers. Blake founded her own coaching firm and published her own book on the topic called Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One. She has helped thousands in advancing their careers at Google.

She reiterates to new graduates that a career is not a ladder anymore, although this is applicable to all professionals. Different jobs offer people apps that will enhance a person's communication, time, and money management. These skills will assist a person for the next change or even an upgrade in the future.

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