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DC Superhero Crossover Episode 'Invasion' Between ‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow’ And ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Finally Started And They Were All Captured! [VIDEO]


"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 8 titled "Invasion" kicked of the massive DC Superhero crossover event of the season. The episode started quite innocently with the team testing Wally a.k.a. The Kid Flash's abilities and then a meteor-like object hit Central City.

"The Flash" assembles the team

Since the aliens known as Dominators first appeared in Central City, it was Barry Allen who reached out to Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers, Forbes reported. Felicity sent out a message to the members of "Legends" that their help was also needed. The team trained together with the help of Supergirl which were all wasted when they were all put under mind control.

"The Flash" and the effects of Flashpoint

While they were training, Professor Stein revealed that they've found a recorded message from Barry's future self. It is giving a warning to Professor Stein that they must not trust Barry which is quite conflicting. Then Barry revealed that he made some major changes in the timeline by creating Flashpoint. Aside from John Diggle having a daughter instead of a son, Professor Stein now has a daughter that's all grown up, Cinema Blend reported.

Is it also because of Flashpoint why Felicity does not remember Roy Palmer or why Captain Cold is no longer around? Too many changes so little time.

"The Flash" left behind

Just when they thought that the battle is over, the Dominators made an unexpected move - they abducted the heroes who were supposed to be saving Earth. Barry attempted to save Oliver but he's just not fast enough. The heroes who were abducted with the Green Arrow were White Canary, Speedy, Professor Stein, John Diggle and Heat Wave.

What's next for "Invasion"

It is up to Team Flash to locate the rest of the DC superheroes. They caught a break when Supergirl was actually flying all over Central City when the abduction happened. In a trailer for "Arrow" it was shown that Cisco is trying to vibe their location. It was revealed that they were inside an alien ship and all of them are in a dream state.

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