iPhone 8 News, Update: Apple Testing Several iPhone 8 Prototypes Including LCD & OLED Displays[VIDEO]


Apple is reportedly testing ten or more prototypes for its upcoming iPhone 8 model. The various test models include displays that feature LCD screens and at least one with curved OLED display.

The iPhone 8 OLED Display Model

Apple is reportedly mulling of using an Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED curved display in lieu of the standard Liquid Crystal Display or LCD display. However, the OLED prototype is only one of several test models that Apple is considering for the upcoming iPhone 8.

2017 - iPhone's Tenth Year Anniversary

The iPhone will celebrate its tenth year anniversary on 2017. This will put pressure on Apple to produce an exceptional iPhone 8 to celebrate its decade long existence. Apple critics are pointing out that other smartphone rivals such as Samsung are already leading in terms of innovations. There was a time wben it was the other way around.

The iPhone 7 received criticisms for its lack of new features and basically looks the same as the previous iPhone model with some minor adjustments. Still, the iPhone 7 sold a lot of units despite the missing 3.5 mm headphone port.

Expected and Rumored iPhone 8 Features

A number of Industry observers including the Wall Street Journal believed that the OLED version would be the biggest Apple smartphone yet. Another reported major change in the upcoming iPhone is the removal of a physical Home button. Apple may place the Home button under the screen. The rearrangement would mean that users will first need to the tap the touch display in order to gain access to the home screen.

iPhone users will also have to do the same procedure if they want to use Apple Pay, its own mobile payment service. These are all speculations for the moment since Apple has long maintain a tradition of keeping details of it's new product a secret until the company is ready to reveal it.

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