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‘Grimm’ Season 6 Update: [SPOILERS] All Questions Answered What Will Happen To Eve And Adalind? Casts Hints On Possible Season 7 And 8 [VIDEO]


"Grimm" fan were happy to hear that their favorite show will have an upcoming sixth season and rumors about it plots are being spread online. The show runners promised viewers that all loose ends are going to be tied. There are also rumors that Season 7 and 8 may also come out but with fewer episodes.

 Adalind, Juliette's Fate intertwined in "Grimm" Season 6

Since the start of the show, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) paths have crossed several times. Adalind became Juliette just to take Nick (David Guintoli) powers away while Juliette became Adalind to help Nick get his powers back. They've also experienced living each other's lives when Juliette became a hexenbeist and Adalind became pregnant with Nick's baby. The two seemed to have fallen in love although the return of Juliette certainly complicates things.

"Grimm" fans will surely watch upcoming Season 6, just to see how Nick's unusual love triangle is going to end. In Adalinds case, there's a two possible scenarios. First, she will stay with Renard (Sasha Roiz) because of her powerful daughter Diana, but there's a slim chance that Nick is going to allow his son to be with Renard. Will Adalind be willing to give Kelly to Nick and Juliette? Second, Adalind will choose Nick and Diana will have a change of heart and will come to leave with them while Juliette now has a chance to go back to the way things were before finding out that his boyfriend and fiancé is actually a Grimm, according to Moviepilot.

Is "Grimm" Season 6 the final season?

In an interview with TV Insider, David Guintoli revealed that there is a possibility that there will two more seasons after season 6 although they will be quite short. The "Grimm" lead actor said that he is quite happy to have been involved in a TV series that lasted for six seasons. Guintoli also added that the cast and the writers are making sure that each character is going out with a bang and that the story is going to end well.

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