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Harvard Joins In Efforts To Protect Undocumented Students


Harvard University has recently joined its fellow universities and colleges in taking a stand to protect undocumented students. This comes after Donald Trump's victory at the 2016 U.S. election.

Donald Trump has been vocal about his plans to deport millions of illegal immigrants from the nation. Undocumented students are part of this figure. He has also stated that he will repeal President Obama's executive orders, which possibly includes the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

It was previously reported that hundreds of leaders from various colleges and universities have banded together to defend students who moved to the United States while they were still children. They are protected by the DACA program created by the Obama administration.

Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller confirmed that Trump is planning to "immediately terminate" Obama's "illegal executive amnesties." "The President-elect has consistently pledged to rescind all illegal and unconstitutional executive orders from the current administration, and this is one of them," Miller said.

This week, Harvard University president Drew Faust sent an email to affiliates of the school, Quartz reported. Through the letter, she expressed how they "reaffirm our clear and unequivocal support for these individuals."

According to The Harvard Crimson, the email also echoed Harvard University Police Department chief Francis D. Riley's message last week that the department will not ask about the immigration status of Harvard affiliates. The school will not enforce federal immigration laws as well.

"[T]here has been growing concern about the effect more aggressive enforcement of federal immigration laws could have on many students, scholars, and staff at Harvard, especially on students who are undocumented," Faust wrote.

Students at Harvard have shared a petition that called the university to appoint an administrator to support undocumented students. It was also requested that an office and a mental health counselor be provided for these individuals.

As of Nov. 14, the petition was able to collect over 4,000 signatures. A group of undocumented students have also had a private meeting with Faust to discuss their concerns and present their proposals.

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