‘The Division’ Update 1.4 Helped In Player Count Return To Higher Numbers [VIDEO]


"The Division's" daily player levels have come back to the same levels they were during its game launch. Ubisoft is in danger of complete hostile takeover by Vivendi.

"The Division" Update 1.4 helped a lot

Ubisoft VP of live operations Anne Blondel told PCGamesN in an exclusive interview that "The Division's" update 1.4 helped out a lot to win back the players from the past. She said that the gamers were so impressed with the latest update.

Ubisoft's promise for "The Division" improvement

Blondel revealed that people came back because they were impressed with Ubisoft's commitment to improve "The Division." She said that the game developer Massive will do everything in their power, even if it meant delaying its expansion and the money that comes with those. She also said that the developers have been fixing a lot of problems that have been identified by the gaming community since day one.

Ubisoft's hard call for "The Division" improvement

The executive said that some players left "The Division" quite early than what they have expected. This is where they needed to make a tough call, which was to provide more extra content to the players. The other option was to stop the development temporarily, fix everything, and launch more content when it is fixed.

Ubisoft's action for "The Division"

Blondel said that they did the second option and the community was happy about it, but some were disappointed at first due to the reason that they had to push back the next DLC releases. To solve the issues of "The Division," Ubisoft sent a task force to come over to the game developers to help out. They also made the Public Test Server to test out the new patches before they could come out to the public, and gain feedback from the community.

Ubisoft will not be the same after Vivendi takeover

In other Ubisoft related news, Blondel told PCGamesN in another part of the exclusive interview that Vivendi is slowly but surely taking over Ubisoft. The hostile takeover started in 2015 and the company has been slowly raising their stake in the game publisher. She also said that if they succeed, it will never be the same anymore.

Check out "The Division" Trailer Update 1.4 and Patch Notes video below:

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