‘No Man’s Sky’ Foundation Update Introduces Much Awaited Creative Mode; Fans Rejoice With Latest Update [VIDEO]


"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update has introduced the much awaited Creative Mode and more. The latest update of the video game has made fans get interested in it again.

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update introduces Creative Mode

With the major release of update 1.1 or "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update, it has introduced three modes to it, and one of it is the Creative Mode. According to the official website of the video game, Creative Mode will allow players to explore the universe without any limits at all and let them build a huge base on a planet.

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update Creative Mode details

To clarify what "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update's Creative Mode is all about, it allows players to explore the universe without any restraints. They can just go exploring without worrying any specific mission to follow to end the game's story, so it is like the sandbox-mode of it. They can craft anything they want until they are satisfied without any resource requirements.

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update Normal Mode and Survival Mode

Aside from the Creative Mode, "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update introduced two more modes, which are Normal Mode and Survival Mode. Normal Mode is the original mode of the video game. Survival Mode is a more challenging endurance experience for players, which is a mode good for those who want a thrilling and exciting experience.

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update introduces Base Building

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update introduced a new feature for it, which is Base Building. Players can now claim their own home planet by finding an uninhabited base and create an outpost of their own. They can make this as their shelter, base of operations to recruit other aliens to help in their research for new technology, farming, engineer new weapons, and many more.

"No Man's Sky" Foundation Update gets fans interested again

With the latest "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update, gamers have come back again to try it out. According to the official website of Steam, some members are thankful for game developer Hello Games' efforts in making the video game more interesting again. Some are still doubtful, but they are at least thankful that the money they paid for the game on Day One seems worth it already with this new update.

Check out the "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update Version 1.1 video below:

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