'Tekken 7' Update: Akuma Crossover Confirmed! Nintendo Switch, Xbox Scorpio, PS4 Pro Versions Coming?


"Tekken 7" release date has long been awaited by the fans of the fighting game franchise. Although the latest game title from Bandai Namco is now available in Japan since 2015, "Tekken 7" is yet to be released for PS4, Xbox One and the PC.

While Akuma from Street Fight is confirmed to make a crossover as part of the "Tekken 7" rosters, Bandai Namco is unlikely to make character crossovers a basis, given the fact that Akuma's inclusion is reportedly a special case. "Tekken 7" creator Katsuhiro Harada revealed that Akuma is included in the storyline and not only as some backstory.

However, the developer is also reported to not planning to bring characters from other games in "Tekken 7" at the moment. Incidentally, the latest title is the game franchise's first attempt into the PC platform, and PC gamers might have Unreal Engine to thank for the PC release of "Tekken 7."

"Tekken 7" for PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are likely coming in the future, although Harada did not give any comment on the possibility of the game on the two consoles at the moment, given that both gaming devices are relatively new. Nevertheless, Bandai Namco is believed to be just waiting for a certain amount of users the new consoles could produce as threshold prior to deciding to unveil new "Tekken 7" PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio versions for them, Red Bull reported.

Meanwhile, rumors regarding a likely "Tekken 7" Nintendo Switch version have been making rounds lately. Speculations started when Harada said in an interview that he was surprised when the new Nintendo console was rolled out, which later gave the "Tekken 7" fans the hope of having the game available to other gaming platforms.

When asked if he would support Microsoft and Sony's upgraded consoles, the producer said that both Xbox One S and PS4 Pro are relatively new, which makes it difficult for him to confirm anything at the moment, Gamespot reported. Watch "Tekken 7" FR AKUMA COMBOS Gameplay |Tekken 7 Akuma Combo List And Guide How To Play

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