Xiaomi CES 2017 Hints Global Product? Mi Mix, Mi Note 2 To FInally Arrive In US Market Starts Cycle?


Xiaomi CES 2017 is expected to feature several products in the global market. It is yet to be revealed what the actual global product will be. However, rumor has it that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 as well as the Mi Mix may be launched worldwide in the Xiaomi CES 2017.

The chinese company reportedly announced its presence at the Xiaomi CES 2017 via Twitter teasing fans of an all-new global product to launch soon. The company is yet to reveal what the product will be. Moreover, the company also kept mum on whether a smartphone or a different device will be shown in the Xiaomi CES 2017 event.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi CES 2017 is slated to head on to the Las Vegas, Nevada event to join the smartphone manufacturers selling in the global market. It should be noted that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer noted that a global product was being prepared to make a global launch via the Xiaomi CES 2017. Dozens of smart products are speculated to launch worldwide from phones to rice cookers in the Xiaomi CES 2017, Slashgear reported.

The Chinese company previously went without a US appearance. The global product to hit the Xiaomi CES 2017 may reportedly mean anything. However, the Xiaomi Mi Box smart set-top box is said to be a reasonable pick. Note that the Mi Box was also successful in the tech market.

Meanwhile, several reports claim that the Xiaomi CES 2017 may in fanct launch one of its smartphones in the U.S. market. Xiaomi reportedly gained a lot of attention in the past few weeks will the limited release of the Xiaomi Mix. Note that the handset is a concept smartphone with an almost bezel-free design, First Post reported.

Xiaomi CES 2017 may in fact launch the handset worldwide. It should be noted that the Xiaomi Vice President of International Hugo Barra previously revealed a couple of years ago that the company has plans on releasing its first smartphone in the U.S. Moreover, the 5.7 inch Mi Note 2 smartphone recently released in China may also be officially available in the U.S. as well via the Xiaomi CES 2017. Watch the Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix Comparison here:

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